WCC LNG is a proposed project to develop and operate a liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facility at Tuck Inlet in Prince Rupert, British Columbia.

The project would deliver a safe, reliable, long-term, competitive source of energy to help meet the world’s growing demand for natural gas. The export of clean burning natural gas will help to reduce the use of higher greenhouse emission fossil fuels such as coal and oil in some targeted markets. The development and operation of the export facility would create long-term jobs in Prince Rupert, British Columbia, and Canada.

The export facility would initially have the capability to process up to 15 million metric tonnes of LNG per year for shipment to international markets, with potential to expand to approximately 30 million tonnes per year.

The three main facility components are:

  • Liquefaction and storage facilities for natural gas;
  • Loading facilities for double-hulled LNG ships; and
  • Third-party pipeline and facilities required to transport natural gas to the LNG export facility from existing natural gas pipeline systems.

The project proponent, WCC LNG Project Ltd., is a federal corporation with its current shareholder being WCC LNG Holdings Ltd. The current shareholders of WCC LNG Holdings Ltd. are ExxonMobil Canada Ltd. and Imperial Oil Resources Limited.

The project is at an early stage of assessment and is currently undergoing regulatory reviews with the British Columbia and Canadian governments, as well as consultation and discussion with Indigenous groups and local communities.

A final investment decision on the project, and therefore the ultimate project schedule, will be dependent on a range of factors, including regulatory approvals, investment climate and business considerations.

The project remains in the Pre-Application stages of the environmental assessment process. With current LNG market conditions and economic uncertainties, WCC LNG will continue to assess its proposed project schedules and plans. During this time, and throughout 2018, WCC LNG will be moving at a slower pace.

WCC LNG’s Project Description, which initiates the environmental assessment process, was filed on the British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office website.

View or download the WCC LNG Project Description – PDF / 5.17 MB