Benefits and opportunities

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The current LNG market conditions and economic uncertainties have led some LNG proponents to evaluate their current proposed project schedules and plans, and such is the case for the WCC LNG Project. Our engagements and assessments are continuing in 2017, albeit at a slower pace.

However, the long-term outlook for global gas demand growth remains strong. LNG supplies are expected to play an increasingly important role in meeting global gas demand. LNG is the vital link between geographically separated gas suppliers and gas customers.

As the global LNG market grows, LNG’s flexibility and market liquidity will enable LNG to flow to markets where natural gas is needed most. In effect, global LNG supplies are expected to play an appreciable role in balancing global gas demand and supply.

ExxonMobil conducts an exhaustive study each year of the global demand for all energy. We also focus on the specifics of natural gas and LNG. In general, natural gas demand is forecast to grow around the world. In North America, Europe and Asia, LNG will become a growing component of supplies required to meet demand growth through 2030 and beyond.

Drawing on local, provincial and Canadian sources for skilled labor will be an important focus area as the WCC LNG project progresses. We want to work with local training providers to build capacity and capability with local businesses and residents to safely deliver required services. Within our contracts with specialized skilled-contractors, we include agreements to leverage local content when possible.

Because we are in the early stages of planning, we have not yet set up a formal registration process for potential vendors or contractors. However, if you would like to provide preliminary information about your business, we are in the process of identifying local businesses, their services and capacity.

Tsimshian Business Inventory

Over the summer, WCC LNG carried out a survey to gather information on the services and capacity of local Tsimshian businesses. We are gathering information to build an inventory of the existing capacity, skills and services within the region. This information will help the Project identify future potential partners and service providers that are operating on BC’s Northwest Coast. If you are a Tsimshian business and would like to participate, you can access the survey here.